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Champions online is a superhero themed action oriented mmo game
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Champions online is a superhero themed action oriented mmo game. You can create your own superhero and battle against the bad guys like in most superhero movies or comic books. The game features a lot of urban settings in which you can fight, do quests and it also has player combat.

Now the main thing that differentiates this MMO game from any other game of this type is the Character creation process. Since it is super hero themed you'd imagine they have a lot of customizable features, and they really bring the character customization to a whole new level with Champions Online. You can choose between a pretty big number of archetypes which can be compared to classes in other games. Each class has its different perks and each has a different style of gameplay. After choosing a archetype you move on to the real customization process. I literally spent almost 2 hours through the many combinations you can make with the features that are provided there. You can basically change mostly everything ranging from the costume, to the expression on the face, to the battle stance. You can also personalize the body structure to the millimeter. For example, you can make the cartoony hero look with the extra small legs and the huge upper body and arms. After joining the game I really couldn't find 2 heroes that looked even remotely close to one another, which is really unusual for any online game.

The gameplay in Champions Online is really fast paced compared to other MMO games, and live I've said before with the character customization, it has to so because it is a super hero themed game. No one would like to play a game of this type and get bored, grinding all day and doing worthless quests. Here, your quests are mainly to defeat the enemies that threaten the innocent and of course, save the world. The combat mechanics are well done. You can fight and use skills while moving and you can also charge certain spells which will do more damage.

Champions Online is free to play, but it also has a optional subscription feature which does enhance the overall game a little bit. This is more and more common nowadays when a lot of games switch from a paid subscription to the free to play model. The graphics are very good and the artwork is similar to a comic book. The game constantly gets updated with new areas to explore, new bad guys to defeat and of course new people to save from the imminent threat. It is definitely a game worth giving a shot.

Dennis Niels
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  • A huge amount of customizable features
  • Great gameplay
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  • Great graphics


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